A new year and a new season

For the last 10 years or so we’ve been engaged with Pioneer Mission Church planting here in Somerset and across Britain. It’s been an amazing journey so far with lots of joys and challenges. There has been much to thank God for but also in the last year or so much to ponder as we’ve sensed the Lord asking us to consider the long term sustainability of what we are doing.

As you probably know (although it’s not something we’ve really communicated!) for the last 11 years we have been ‘living by faith’. We’ve learned how to be thankful whether we’ve had a lot or nothing. As we’re not employed or receiving a wage for the Church planting work we are doing we often don’t know how our financial needs will be met. Sometimes through a generous gift we might have enough for a few weeks and at other times we haven’t known where our next meal is coming from. Through it all though we can testify to God’s great and at times surprising provision. It’s with this same trust in God that we are now moving into a new season.

As our own family is growing and as the work we are involved in is growing we have sensed God leading us to consider a more planned approach to our fund raising efforts which will allow us to plan ahead more and meet the growing financial needs we face.


Communicating our financial needs to others is not something we are familiar with so we are definitely going forward with God’s help and grace in it all. We do believe that there are people who would like to support us in this way though so are putting the word out to people like you who know us and may be prompted by God to do so.

If you have any questions or would like more information about how to support us through a regular monthly gift then please get in touch through our contact page

Luke 10 in action!

We are planting churches Luke 10 style.

Here’s the story about how 2 of the Mission Somerset team found Rachelle – a person of peace

To get involved with the work of MissionSomerset or to support the work financially please contact us


Across the UK Pioneers are invading people groups and places to find people of peace and gather new disciples in Simple CommunitiesClick Here to receive more news from the growing movement across the UK, Europe and beyond…

Each month we facilitate MissionXP’s where Pioneers and teams gather in Nottingham for a ‘Come and see’ training experience in PioneerMission – here’s the latest video. Contact me to get involved with forthcoming MissionXP’s which will be happening on these dates in Nottingham – May 22nd – 28th, Jun 19th – 25th, Jul 24th – 30th, Aug 21st – 27th, Sept 18th – 24th, Oct 22nd – 29th

#UpRising Trailer

On 4th August 2011 Mark Duggan was assassinated by the Metropolitan Police.

5 years on – family and friends are still waiting for justice. Mark’s death sparked the worst riots in recent UK history and the injustice continues today…

Screening in October 2016 – “UPRISING” examines some of the major challenges in society today and follows the lives of those seeking to overcome and bring postive change to the communities around them.

Watch the trailer here:

#UpRising from ThunderClap TV on Vimeo.