Are you a Movement Maker?

The Movements Workbook is a practical guide for anyone seeking to multiply disciples, churches and leaders across their town, region, city or people group. For over 10 years we have asked ourselves and others the question – “What has been fruitful?” and this workbook has come out of our experiences on the road to multiplication movements.

There is a lot of helpful information out there for people interested in the idea of “disciple making”, “movements” and “multiplication”. But information alone does not get us very far. This workbook is very practical and focuses more on reflection and application for those actually wanting to do this kind of work. It is loosely based on our book “Accidental Apostle” so if you have not read that yet then it might be worth getting yourself a copy here

The “Movements Workbook” is part of the invitation to journey with us relationally and involves regular contact (face to face where possible and online) as each section of the workbook is unpacked. Without loving, healthy and robust discussion, accountability and prayer around the issues raised – this workbook is fairly useless!

In light of this it is not available to buy online publicly but copies can be purchased from us directly for £10 each (this includes postage and packing) If this is something you are interested in or would like to find out more then please contact us

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