“You Feed Them…”

In Kenya we spent some time looking at the feeding of the 5000 in Matthew 14 and Mark 6. It kept coming up whenever we were with people. It became obvious that the Spirit of God was wanting to speak to us – or maybe it would be more accurate to say that the Spirit of God wanted to remind us of some things that Jesus has already said 🙂

Some things that came out of our conversations:

  • Jesus saw the multitudes and knew their needs but included his disciples in the task of meeting that need. In fact He even told them to feed the crowds (Matthew 14:16, Mark 6:37)
  • Jesus didn’t give his disciples 5000 portions of pre-cooked, pre-wrapped food to give out individually. He took something small and multiplied it to feed a multitude (Matthew 14:19, Mark 6:41)

We concluded together that there were some important things that we needed to learn here about the way of the Kingdom and the way Jesus did/does things.

Jesus has entrusted the task of reaching and discipling the multitudes into the hands of the Church. His last words to His Disciples were “Go and make disciples” in Matthew 28:19. Jesus sees the multitudes and sees their needs – but He has told His Church to feed them. So we looked at ourselves as the Church of Jesus Christ and looked at how faithfully we were doing what Jesus has told us. All Jesus needed was 5 loaves and 2 fish to give over 5000 people more than enough. Surely all Jesus needs to disciple the nations is a few willing disciples committed to multiplying who they are and what they have? How are we being faithful with the little God has already given us? We looked in the scriptures and read that the Father is looking for servants who are faithful with what is entrusted to them. We saw the way Jesus called disciples out of the crowds. We concluded that a disciple is someone who acts on and obeys the little He does know – rather than worrying, talking or even praying about what He doesn’t know.

And we looked at a strategy to fulfill the mission of Jesus. What is needed amongst Jesus’ Church to help people obey what they already know and to steward well what they already have?

We were reminded again that Jesus, His words and what He did is what should shape and moulds us as His Church.

And as I flew home I thought about the multitudes in Somerset and the UK who don’t know about Jesus. How are we using what we do have and what we do know to fulfil the mission of Jesus in our families, communities and nations? Don’t fall for the lie that we need bigger and better. We need to be faithful with what God has put in our hands and to see the multitudes reached through the multiplication of God’s Kingdom.

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