“Yeah that’s great – but what do you actually do?”

Maybe it is not only in “Christian circles” but sometimes it feels like there is lots of talk about vision but not much talk about practical action! We all know that it is important to share the ‘vision’ that God has given. But I have lost count of how many times I have been asked over the years, “Wow – that’s great – so what do you actually do?”

Over the last few years we have been trying to remember that primarily the people we feel called to “work with” are not existing Churches – as great as that is – but it is people who do not know Jesus and who do not understand the ins and outs of following Him in community with others. This has made us a whole lot better at describing what we do to people in a more clear, simple and “non-churchy” way. When asked at the school-gate what my job is I used to say that I worked for “the church”. Soon though I began to realise that this was giving people the complete wrong idea of what we were doing.

In the ‘real world’ saying you ‘work for the church’ means nothing to people!

So we began to be a lot more honest with people! We now tell them what we do rather than telling them what we feel they would be comfortable with. So we have found a way of sharing the ‘reality’ of Jesus in our day to day walk with other people

So it’s great to have a “Vision”, “a dream for the future” or a God given goal. But the question today is “So what do we actually do?”

Well we believe our God-given dream is to see churches birthed, growing and multiplying amongst people who do not know Jesus. We asked God what we needed to do in order to be involved in seeing this happen. So here is “what we actually do!”

We pray, prayer walk and pray for/with people

Everything starts and has it’s foundation in prayer. We pray together. We prayer walk our town and towns in the area

We engage with people and look to share Jesus with them

Having spent time with Father God and getting a sense of His heart and direction we act on it! We share Jesus with people in any way we can whether that’s through serving them, loving them, praying for them or clearly explaining the Gospel to them. We ‘go’ to the people God leads us to.

We look to where people are open to the Gospel

Where people are open to the Gospel message we show them what it means to follow Jesus and be obedient to Him. We would then hope to see a simple/house church birthed in their home or where they gather.

This seems the pattern that we are being led to follow here in our area and in other towns we ‘work’ in.

Alongside this we also work with other followers of Jesus here in the UK and abroad to see the body of Christ encouraged and to help see people not only reached with the message of Jesus but to see churches birthed and growing there.

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Steve Hill September 27, 2010 at 8:35 pm

Simple, profound explanation of what you do! Keep doing it! Steve


Ben and Catherine Taylor September 27, 2010 at 8:41 pm

Thanks Steve…..



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