What on earth are you doing Jesus?

Is anyone else confused……..?

I am confused about what we are ‘meant to be doing’. I am confused about what everyone is saying about ‘church’. I am confused about ‘church models’, ‘missional strategies’ and ‘discipleship principles.’

There is one thing that I am not confused about though……And that is the growing desire that a number of us all have to live lives that are overflowing with Jesus and which are fully surrendered to the will and Spirit of our Father in Heaven.

I was reading John 2 this week with a brother in Jesus. We are trying to ‘get back’ to simply reading scripture and responding to God what speaks to us about through it. We are trying to ‘get back’ to being a disciple of Jesus – someone who hears and does the teachings of Jesus Christ in scripture and who responds to the leading of His Spirit. Doing anything more than that confuses me……

As we read John 2 I found myself getting really offended by what Jesus was doing.

How could Jesus think that turning water into wine was a good use of His power? This question is still knocking about in my head. If the things that Jesus did were ‘signs’ to the reality of who He is and what the Father is like then what does this all mean?! I am happy that Jesus healed the sick. They needed it. I am happy that Jesus cast out demons from people. They needed it. After all these were ‘Spiritual things’ . But turning water into wine at a wedding? That is not very ‘Spiritual’. I began to think what would have happened if I had been walking around in John chapter two. I certainly wouldn’t have been down at the local wedding performing miracles with the drinks. I would have probably been down at the temple discussing ‘Spiritual things’ with ‘Spiritual people’! (Please don’t get me wrong here – I am not slagging off Churches and Christians. I am just challenging the attitudes and mindsets that I believe are holding us back from seeing the glory of God revealed in all areas of creation and community) We learn something important about the Father in John 2 if we are prepared to ‘hear it’. The Father does not call us to a ‘narrow spiritual mission’ but rather to the joy of joining Him in His work of redeeming the ‘whole’ of creation. There is no Spiritual or non-Spiritual. God sees the redemption of the ‘whole person’, the ‘whole community’ and the ‘whole of creation’ for His glory. What we seek to ‘do’ needs to work towards seeing this ‘whole redemption’……

Back to John 2……….Now you probably have a much better theological understanding of this passage of scripture than I do. After all you can’t read any of this stuff at face value can you!  This obviously wasn’t Jesus revealing the heart of God through a miracle in ‘normal life’ at a wedding. It was much more complicated than that. It was a complex act which only finds expression as part of a theological God’s complex plan. Or was it? You see this is where I get confused! Did Jesus just reveal His power at a wedding amongst normal people? Was this God revealing Himself in the midst of ‘normal life?’

Maybe Father God is not as concerned about our ‘Spiritual life’ as we are. Maybe God wants us to walk closely with Him in every area of our lives. This passage in John 2 is still offending me. It shows us that Jesus was not on a ‘narrow mission’ to help people in their ‘spiritual lives.’ He came to bring the knowledge of the Father to every area of our lives and every sphere of community and creation.

Maybe our search for the Father at work today will lead us away from ‘what we know’  and from what is classed as ‘Spiritual’ and instead we will find the power and love of God being lavished upon ‘normal people’ going about their ‘normal lives’………

“This beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested His glory, and His disciples believed in Him…….” (John 2:11)

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