What is “Going and Making Disciples”?

What is “Going and Making Disciples?”

There are people all over the world who are working to make disciples of Jesus Christ. This is the command that our Saviour has left us. As Neil Cole says – we are not called to plant or start Churches but to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Here is what “Go and make disciples of Jesus Christ” looks like for us where we live…

  • First of all we have had to allow our understanding of what a follower/disciple/Christian/believer actually is to be broken down and allow scripture to rebuild this understanding

Here in the UK we have grown up and been involved with a form of Christianity that elevates knowledge above obedience. This problem is rife amongst the western world with but a few exceptions. I have concerns within new forms of Church as well that the main issues are left unresolved while people tinker with the lay out of the chairs and simply meet in a home rather than a church building. What started off with Jesus sharing and the Disciples obeying has become for many of us about listening, more listening and then if we finally feel ready then maybe doing something about it. Last week I spent a day and a bit with a brother. We shared our hearts with each other, visited a family we know and walked around some of the towns we “work” in. We talked a lot with each other and with God. But at the end of our time I asked two simple questions – “What is a Disciple of Jesus Christ” and “How do we make disciples of Jesus Christ?” Me and Catherine ask each other these questions regularly – to make sure that we are on track in the things we are doing but also to help each other explain the basics of following Jesus in a way that can be understood and done by others! Before reading on take a few minutes to think about these two questions and write down your answers:

  1. What is a disciple of Jesus Christ?
  2. How do we make Disciples of Jesus Christ?

It’s not that easy is it! And this is meant to be the most basic thing that we are involved in! And then we have the challenge of taking out all the religiosity in our answers so that normal people who don’t speak “churchese” can understand and also be disciples of Jesus!

How would you answer these two questions?




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