What is God like?


Today I joined Toby and some other friends in Street.

Dave and Paula Elton and others from New Life Family Church in Street go out on the streets each Thursday to talk to people and offer healing to people in Jesus’ name.

Dave and Paula are passionate about seeing the Church of Jesus Christ going to where people are. They are seeking God about how they can make disciples and grow/multiply groups based on simple/organic Church principles.

We have been thinking about ways in which we can share the good news of Jesus with people in Street in a way that they will understand. Over recent weeks we have been using one of my children’s toys (see picture) It has been a fun (are we allowed to have fun working with Jesus?!) way of sharing the Gospel with people and has helped us start spiritual conversations with strangers.

Today we asked people in Street “What is God like?”

We had some great conversations with people, shared more about what God is like with people and prayed for some people who were sick.

With some people we had the opportunity to share a story that Jesus told about what God is like. We shared the story of the prodigal son and about how the Father was so eager to embrace the wayward son.

How are you sowing the good news of Jesus with people where you are?

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