The Man at the well…

Me and Toby go out to visit villages, towns and cities in Somerset. We go to pray, share the message of the Kingdom of God, heal the sick, cast out demons and find people of peace…

Here is what happened during our latest visit to Glastonbury.

We had been reading Luke 5 where the Disciples had been fishing all night and caught nothing. Then Jesus tells them to go back out. They go back out rather reluctantly and end up catching an astonishing amount of fish. We saw that the only real difference between the two fishing trips was that the second time they were sent out by Jesus. It made us think that we could work really hard fishing for men and catch nothing – or we could seek the leading of the Lord of the harvest and find a plentiful harvest…

As we walked in Glastonbury I felt God showing me that we should go to the springs. We thought about what happened when Jesus met someone at a spring/well and how He shared with the woman (John 4) through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

We got to the springs and had a look round. There were a few guys hanging around so we sat down and listened. After a while I sensed God saying to me that somebody here had problems with their kidneys. I didn’t know how to bring this up so waited for what seemed an appropriate time. I asked the man who I thought I should ask about this and it turns out (to his amazement) that he had been ill for a long time but he didn’t know what was wrong. He didn’t know where his kidneys were but said that he was experiencing a lot of pain in his lower back and side. We asked to pray for him and he let us – so we did, in front of a little group of onlookers. He was blown away and said he was going to get his kidneys checked out. We will go back to the springs and see him again and share more about the Kingdom of God!

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duffett October 29, 2010 at 9:13 am

This is a good news story- so good. Thank you for sharing this Ben.


Tom October 29, 2010 at 10:20 am

this is the stuff, good work – i want to come next time and we can dunk him in the spring!


Ben and Catherine Taylor October 29, 2010 at 10:34 am

The more workers the better bro! We need people going out in two’s all over Somerset – Preaching the Gospel, Healing the Sick, Casting out demons, raising the dead and finding homes, people and places that are open to receiving the Gospel…

When can me and you go out in Yeovil?



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