The Jesus Dynamic…

Why the Jesus Dynamic?

I was sat amongst a group of people this week who don’t go to Church and who don’t know that much about Father God – if anything at all. As I sat there I thought about how church might grow amongst people like this. I am not sure if they will ever turn up at an existing Church on a Sunday morning. This is the challenge that Christians face in the UK. Praise God if where you live there are Churches that are are growing and people are being added to your fellowship. The problem is that the population of the UK is multiplying. Here in our area the towns are not only growing but are multiplying. New houses are being built here, there and everywhere. So we – the Church – need to be not only growing by addition but much more by multiplication. How are we going to help millions of people who do not want to know anything about “Church” become obedient to Jesus?

How on earth are we going to see the number of Disciples multiplying in order to see the UK reached?

This is the question that compels us to do the things we are doing. This question is the framework through which we think about everything. As we have written about in The Acorn Vison this involves asking ourselves some serious questions and evaluating how effectively we are doing the things that Jesus has asked of His Disciples. And as Jesus said, obedience to His commands is our worship and our joy and how we show that we love Him. (John 14:15) So many people have been discouraged from finding more about the love of Father God for them by Church. Not the real Church – but the cultural aspects that we love to add on to what Jesus wants. People are turned off by the evangelistic agenda which seeks to get them to events and evenings. If these things are bearing fruit where you live – Praise God! Its just all the people I meet who are not part of a Christ centred community seem to say these things…I was reading the Bible the other day and was reminded about what Jesus did when He was around on the earth…

The Jesus dynamic

What did Jesus do when He came to earth? What did Jesus show His Disciples and then send them out to do? I cannot find any verse where Jesus approaches someone on the basis that they need to come or go to Church. Have I missed these verses or something? Then when the disciples went out in twos to all the towns and villages of their area – what did they do?

Seems to be that Jesus went to people and told them that the Kingdom of God had come to them. He proved this by healing sick people, raising dead people and loving sinners! We all want to see Christ centred communities springing up across the UK don’t we! But in all our efforts are we pursuing a Church attendance agenda or the Jesus dynamic?

The fruit of the Jesus dynamic is that people were healed, set free and wanted to know more about Father God. Out of the Kingdom coming in people’s homes and on the streets Churches were born.

Check out for some great stories about the Jesus dynamic.

Will you join us in intentionally going out into our communities and into people’s homes to bring the Jesus dynamic to people?

“…..Go your way….And heal the sick there, and say to them, “The Kingdom of God has come near to you….”

(Luke 10)

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alan July 2, 2010 at 12:04 pm

Thanks for this! My mind went to Acts 9:31 (with the help of a concordance – I can often remember verses, but not necesarily where they are -old age!) The Lord gave REST, the Lord EDIFIED, they walked in the FEAR of the Lord, the were COMFORTED by the Holy Ghost – and were MULTIPLIED. This is the King James Version, the one I was brought up on, but it is good also in The Message. A verse to inspire and reflect upon….


duffett July 10, 2010 at 11:10 pm

Hey- thanks Ben for what you have written… amazing.


mandy September 19, 2010 at 11:41 pm

Fabulous reading, your doing brilliant work.


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