The 7 signs of John…

This week I started looking through the 7 signs of John with two different people. You can read more about the 7 signs of John and how you do it here

I used a simple copy of John’s Gospel which you can buy here

We simply looked at the first sign that Jesus did – turning the water into wine at the Wedding in Cana.

In both situations I asked the guys what we can learn about God/Jesus through what Jesus did in the story.

They asked me what I thought.

We talked for a while about faith and being a follower of Jesus and what this might mean practically.

Then I left.

On our journey of planting the Gospel, making disciples and believing that Jesus will build His Church we have:

1) Prayed

2) Looked to share the Gospel with people randomly and specifically as the Holy Spirit has led us

3) Gone into the homes of people who seem open to us and the message of the Gospel

….and now we are

4) Helping these people to hear God speaking to them and their household through scripture

You can read more about how Jesus and His Disciples planted the Gospel, made disciples and saw Churches started here


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