Strategic Thinking…

This morning me and Cath were reminded that with strategic thinking – circumstances that feel overwhelming, impossible and unmanageable can become the opposite – possible and manageable.

Maybe you might be feeling like there is so much going on in your life that you can’t manage everything and can’t move forward with anything? You might find what we did this morning helpful…

We pictured our lives like the cooking pot in the image above. It has a limited volume and can only hold a limited amount of stuff! It’s like our lives. We can only fit a limited amount of stuff into it!

We cut up loads of bits of paper and started writing down everything that is in the mix. We wrote down every area of our lives that we were concerned about, that we felt God wanted us to develope and grow in and also areas that God has put on our heart but we haven’t really seen much happening yet.

On each bit of paper we wrote down the area of life and also what we were excited about in this area and also what we are fearful or concerned about in this area.

After 20 minutes or so we got all the bits of paper in the pot and asked God to show us how everything in the mix of our lives could work together and what His perspective on it all was. Then we talked through all the areas and questions/concerns together.

It was amazing.

We had started the morning feeling overwhelmed – we ended the morning with a really clear picture of the things that God had put on our hearts and how we needed to pray and act in those directions.

We then wrote it all up on a piece of paper so that in our marriage we can help, encourage and keep each other accountable to what God is asking us to do.

We ended up with a number of different areas to keep working towards balance in:

– Our own personal lives

– Our marriage

– Our children/family

– The Church which meets in our home

– Our life in the community and sharing Jesus with people

– Our involvement with Voluntary Organisations within the community

– Our involvement with region-wide work

– Our involvement with National work

– Our involvement with Overseas work

It was a very helpful exercise and helped us to identify what God was asking us to do personally and as a family and enable us to work together to think about how we are balancing all these different areas that are all important.

How do you balance your life?

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