Steep learning curves…

Been feeling again lately how walking with Jesus is a steep learning curve.

I’m often accused of being anti-church or critical of more traditional methods or forms of Church. Let me say again – I am not anti-church.Whilst I love fellow believers though I am “passionately unpassionate” about going through the motions. I would have to say that in my experience in the UK a huge percentage of people are feeling lost in a “system of Christianity” which eliminates risk and encourages going through the motions…

During a recent trip to Ireland God spoke to me about His Church.

I saw the Church as a container a bit like a conical flask. I saw the flask being tipped up and the people in it tumbling out.

God said to me, “You can either prepare and work towards sending people out or I will tip you upside down and it will be like people are falling out through your fingers.”

This is what I see happening across the UK. We can either intentionally disciple and send people out to multiply the Kingdom or we can wait until God uses persecution, hardship and people leaving our institutions/organisations to get people out.

So back to the steep learning curve….Jesus called his disciples to follow him. Talk about a steep learning curve.

I was reading Matthew’s account about Jesus today and was struck that Jesus was baptized at the age of 30. Jesus himself subjected himself to the steep learning curve of following the Father’s will in human skin. It started in Matthew 3 and ended in Matthew 27. It involved times of great joy (like seeing His disciples getting the latest lesson) and times of great agony (like in the garden of gethsemane)

So be encouraged!

Jesus went through the same things as we are all going through. He went through the steep learning curve of walking out the Father’s will here on earth.

Take a look through the Gospels and I’d love to hear how God speaks to you through the life, example and actions of Jesus…

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