Starting, Consolidating and Multiplying

3 things have been on my mind recently…


We’ve been ploughing the ground and scattering the good seed on the land (as the good old song says!) God has led us to concentrate our efforts on certain people groups and places and we have ‘found’ people of peace who are looking to gather their friends and family in Simple Churches/Groups. We’ve also been working with other disciples to help them form simple/missional groups with their friends and family.

Today I travelled to a nearby town on the bus and we found a man called Tom who wants to know about Jesus and is  looking to gather others in his house (you can read more about that here)



Last weekend a few of us joined the Newforms Level 1 Training at Wells Elim Church. It was great to hear Peter Farmer (Newforms/MissionBritain) sharing about the Pioneer Process and how we can make disciples that make disciples!

There’s now a few of us who share this Kingdom vision for our region so we are learning about ‘team’, how real maturity is to love one another despite our differences and to draw on each other’s strengths. We’re also working through how to see the groups we’ve started around people of peace become healthier and stronger



At the Newforms Level 1 Training we were reminded about the ‘Kingdom Vision’. Father God wants His Kingdom to spread to the ends of the earth like yeast in a batch of dough. If multiplication is not factored into everything we are doing then will we accomplish the Father’s will? Click here to watch Neil Cole talking about the necessity of multiplication…