Small Victories…

If you’re anything like me then it’s sometimes easy to feel like we’re making one step forward and then two steps back. So I wanted to share a small victory that we are celebrating. We’d love to hear your small victories!

Through sharing the good news of Jesus with  people around our county we have found some folk who want to know more about Jesus and who are open to sharing this good news with others they know. We call them “people of peace” – people who receive the Gospel not only into their own lives but also into the lives of their “oikos” or family/household/community. Hear Neil Cole talking about people of peace here

One person of peace we’ve found has had a history of addictions and substance abuse. In recent months though we have seen him getting his life back on track. He’s got a place to live and now has a fridge and a cooker to go with the sofa we carried through the town for him the other week! This last week he even cooked us some food…

We baptised him in his bath a month or so ago and have been helping him to hear what Jesus is saying to Him, what He needs to do in order to be obedient to this and who else he can share Jesus with.

His girlfriend is now also meeting with us and someone else turned up last week. 

There’s still work to do but we’re thanking Jesus for how He is transforming the lives of those we are working with…

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Chris Jefferies November 11, 2012 at 12:43 am

These may seem like small victories, but they represent important and steady progress. Great victories depend on many small but essential steps. Wars are won by successes in many smaller engagements.

What you two are doing sounds awesome to me, and it’s clear that the Spirit of Christ is in you and working through you.

Be very encouraged!


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