Shifting Gear

God has been saying to us to “Shift Gear” over recent weeks

Whilst watching the Olympic Cycling Coverage recently it struck me about how gears work on bikes. Shifting Gears allows the rider to maintain an efficient pedalling speed no matter what the terrain.

We’re in a ‘busy time’ which is great – but I was beginning to feel that I was too busy – and had begun pedalling like a lunatic!

So God’s answer to us was to “shift gear”. We spent an hour or so watching videos about gears on youtube ( which helped us to understand what God was saying to us. 

Through some time management and prioritising we could identify the areas that we are ‘meant’ to be turning in and could think about whether what we are doing in these areas is in turn causing other cogs to turn and spin! So this has helped us to pedal more efficiently while still maintaining effectiveness and that all important knock on effect that we desire in the areas we are working in….

Here’s some areas where we are shifting gears:

  • Mission South West – We’ve seen some groups started, people baptised and a team growing around the vision of seeing a Kingdom Movement of disciples and churches across the South West. If you live in the South West and would like to connect with this work then send us an email –
  • MissionBritainThe work continues to spread across the UK and Ireland. You can connect with MissionBritain here and here
  • NewformsMedia – We’re developing a business which helps people/businesses/organisations communicate their message and build their project through websites, video and social media. You can find out more about NewformsMedia here and contact us if we can help you!


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