Prayer Walking in Taunton

“In the latter part of the 17th century, Taunton had two dissenting places of worship: “Paul’s Meeting” and the Baptist Meeting.[69] Paul’s Meeting was built at the top of Paul Street soon after 1672 on part of a bowling green behind the Three Cups Inn, now The County Hotel, and rapidly became one of the largest congregations in the county. After Mayor Timewell sacked both Paul’s Meeting and the Baptist Meeting in 1683, the dissenters were driven to worship in private houses on the outskirts of Taunton, where their assemblies were regularly raided by the Justices. Paul’s Meeting survived attempts to turn it into a workhouse and, with the coming of William and Mary, followed by the Toleration Act of 1689, was reopened..” (Taken from Wikipedia)

Today me and Toby visited Taunton (the county town of Somerset) to prayer walk and to meet people. We read about the history of Taunton and found out about some interesting things that happened to people who had dissented or objected to the “religious establishment”. Today we saw people from different nationalities, cultures, age groups and social groups. We sat in a cafe and read about when Jesus cleansed the temple in John chapter 2 and saw how Jesus was consumed with zeal for His Father’s house. Jesus then went on to say that His own body was the temple. We began to think about what is God’s temple/house now? God’s temple/house is now not a building but rather a people amongst whom God dwells by His Spirit. So for us to be zealous for our Father’s house now means that we are passionate and committed to seeing dwelling places of God through the Spirit growing amongst all people, communities and nations.

We prayed for God to raise up people in Taunton who will begin a Gospel planting, disciple making movement which can grow to every people group, neighborhood and social group amongst the 62,000 people who live there. This might mean dissenting from the “religious establishment” though…

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duffett October 12, 2010 at 6:59 pm

fascinating stuff Ben…


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