Today I joined Chris Duffett on the streets of Peterborough.

Chris has a Passion to share Jesus and His love with people.

We spent the day offering people “free hugs”, offering to listen to people’s stories and problems and just talking to people about life and faith.

We prayed with some people and talked with loads of people.

It was a great day. If you live near Peterborough and want to know more about Chris’ work with The Light Project and the City Centre Chaplain then you can read more on His blog

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Pam Holmes February 24, 2011 at 11:33 pm

Thanks again Ben for this info, and especially, especially, especially the love on those posters! (I don’t want to shout in capitals! But showing the Love of the Lord is the most important thing, not condemnation.) Please pass on my thanks to Chris and Co. for doing just that, in His Name.


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