1000 in 5

1000 “Acorn Churches” across Somerset in the next 5 years

I was looking back through some old blog posts and came across this little PDF that we put together called “The Acorn Vision” – you can download it here http://benandcatherine.org/wp-content/uploads/The-Acorn-Vision.pdf It explains a bit more about why we’re working to see 1000 Acorn Churches planted across Somerset in the next 5 years…


If you’d like to join the Pioneer  Team in Somerset, want to start a simple community/church in your home, workplace or in a pub/cafe or want to connect then email us or connect with us on facebook

Sam’s Story

One of our friends here in Somerset asked if he could share his story through my blog…so here it is!

Sam’s Story

“Dear readers

I gave up alcohol and cannabis through the power of Jesus. One day my fellow followers of Jesus visited me and said that they would pray for me and it worked! I asked Jesus to help me give up alcohol and cannabis and He heard me and gave me the strength to succeed. I haven’t smoked cannabis or drunk alcohol for 6 months.

So let us all hear the Good News – There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain! May everyone be liberated from suffering in the name of the Lord”

By Samuel Knight…
break chain