One thing is needed

We’re visiting a Church on Sunday morning to share about the work we are doing and to build up the body there!

As I’ve been preparing and asking Jesus how He wants to strengthen and equip the Church through us I’ve been hit again by this amazing truth:

“And this is the secret; Christ lives in you. This gives you assurance of sharing his glory”

(Colossians 1:27)

Is anyone else feeling a little spiritually bloated by all the secrets that preachers, prophets and leaders seem to be offering and sharing today? Get their latest book and it will reveal the secrets you need to know. Download their podcast and it will reveal everything you need to know to live a victorious Christian life (what even is a victorious life?!)

Now I’m totally up for God speaking through His body but we seriously need a reality check! The real secret has already been revealed to us by the Father! You can’t copyright it, package it, market it or sell it….So why don’t we get on and teach it to everyone everywhere! Maybe if the body of Christ preached and taught disciples of Jesus to respond and act on what has already been revealed – the world would be a much more joyful and peaceful place? The Father has revealed to us the secret – that Christ lives in us and that is our source of hope! There are myriad of other things that we can offer to people if we want to – but what they really need is to get Christ into their lives and give him every part of their life. Only with ‘Christ in us’ can we truly overcome the world and live with the hope of eternal glory. Why would we want to offer those around us anything less than that?

One thing is needed.


There are no “buts”, “ands” and “add ons”

Let’s stop our religious faffing and works of charity to consider whether what we’re doing is actually pleasing to our Lord and Master (Luke 10:38-42)

Let’s trim down all our best efforts and focus on the more important and weighty activities that will lead to fruitfulness (John 15)

Let’s provide people with what they really need to become ministers and disciples of Jesus (Acts 4:15)

Whether you believe it or not – Jesus is busy filling the whole universe with himself! I mean it says that in Ephesians 4:10. And this same Jesus wants to dwell in our hearts by His Spirit through faith. Isn’t that a mindblowing truth!!!! Think about it for a minute…People often use the phrase – “you need to take a long hard look at yourself” – if they feel someone has lost their way or acted in a foolish or hurtful way. Well in light of the fact that the God who is filling the whole universe wants to increasingly dwell in us – I think the body of Christ (you and me!) needs to take a long hard look at itself! Let’s get some perspective here. Many disciples of Jesus have embraced deep suffering and hardships because they’ve experienced Christ in them – the hope of glory.

What about us?

So apologies if you’re coming to the Church on Sunday expecting some new secrets from the latest Missionary masterminds. You’ll be sadly disappointed.

When I was with you I preached Christ and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2)

(We are missionaries seeking to help Jesus fill the universe with Himself – find out more here)