On the school run…

Had some interesting discussions with my kids on the school run this week…


1. On Tuesday I asked my children what they say to people who ask them “Where do you go to Church?”

We all know the theory that church is not the building it’s the people but it was interesting to hear the thoughts of our kids. For them it’s fairly clear that we are on a mission with Jesus and with others in our Jesus family. Some of our Jesus family live locally, some further afield. It reminded me that the challenge of multiplying disciples, churches and leaders (which is one area of the Kingdom work that needs to be spread!) is not just about where we meet or what we do. It is ¬†fundamentally something more that involves dying, shifting and rebuilding. Do you dare to be a disciple?


2. On Friday we talked about why we weren’t seeing lots of churches and Jesus groups starting in our area?

Our kids were talking about their reading targets at school. I talked with them about our “mission target” of starting Jesus groups that spread and multiply. After we listened to Jesus for a bit we came to the conclusion that rather than to dwell on what is not happening – let’s encourage each other to keep building towards the things that God has shown us! It’s rather easy for the things that God shows us to become an unreachable target. When really that’s why He’s shown it to us – because it needs building. So like Noah let’s continue to build according to the plans God has given us…

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Pam Holmes May 19, 2013 at 10:29 pm

“Out of the mouth of babes—–” can come wisdom.
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