Not everyone thought these feet were beautiful…

Someone in the Bible once said that the feet of those who bring ‘good news’ are beautiful…well not everyone agrees!

Today me and a co-worker went out to search for people who wanted to know more about Jesus. As we continue on the journey of discipleship and learning from Jesus we’re seeing that most ‘Christians’  have been conditioned to do the opposite to what Jesus modelled. Imagine the leader of a sales team telling his recruits to go out and sell the product to as many people as they can. But rather than go out and follow the Team Leader’s instructions they go out and do everything but find customers. Some of them have good conversations with people but don’t find out if they are interested in their product. Some of them stay at the office and talk about what they are going to do. Others decide that they’re not meant to be selling the product because they don’t like being direct with people.

I have a growing feeling that Christians have been conditioned to do everything but find people who want to know more about Jesus. We make friends. We wash cars. We give out bottles of water. We walk around town centres late at night giving out flip flops and helping people.  Sure all of these things are really great. But are we asking people the one question that we need to ask them? 


Has Jesus sent us out to make friends or to make disciples? Sure we are friendly with people and have some good friends who don’t know Jesus. Something needs to shift in our mindsets. Are we passionate about the Gospel enough to ask whether the people we meet and know want to know more about it? Maybe you’re different to me – but I sure want to make a difference while I am here on this planet. I take the call to make disciples very seriously because obeying Jesus is the most important thing to me. It’s actually very freeing to share the thing I’m most passionate about (Jesus and Salvation) right at the start rather than trying to smuggle it in through the back door a year down the line…

So me and my friend spent the afternoon knocking on doors and talking with people in a local town. Offering to pray for people and having conversations with people about Jesus and faith.

A few people slammed the door in our faces. Some said they weren’t interested. A couple were happy for us to pray with them. One person wanted us to go back and talk with them some more about Jesus. Some people were not in.

But we asked people the question, “Do you want to know more about Jesus”

I dare you to do the same…