Movementum in Britain


We had a great weekend in Nottingham at the Newforms National Gathering. You can watch a video about it here. It was great to hear Peter (Farmer) sharing, to hear Neil Cole’s thoughts on Missional teams and movements and to meet like minded people from the UK and beyond. Movementum (as Neil Cole calls it) is definitely growing and it’s exciting to be part of it. You can also catch some more Neil Cole videos from the weekend here


Mission South West


It has been encouraging to see the work here in the South West growing. We now have a growing group of “planters” who are starting simple/organic churches. We’re starting groups with people who are interested in knowing more about Jesus. And there’s a growing “Rapid response team” who want to go out on the ground to do “Pioneer Mission”. If you live in the South West of England and want to get involved then send us an email :


Following Jesus


The more we read the Bible and talk to people who don’t know Jesus – the more we realise what Jesus is all about…

We are now in the thick of the mission work here in the South West but it’s taken a while to get out of the old mindsets and expectations.

Someone said to me yesterday about what would happen if martians landed from another planet and just started to do live out what the Bible said. My friend joked about how they wouldn’t do a lot of the things that most churches practice and teach.

It is a sobering thought that Jesus only needed 12 men to kick start a movement (and one of those messed up!) There are, comparatively, a huge number of believers here in the UK but I wonder why the impact we are having is so much less. Is it that Jesus did something completely different to what we are all comfortable with?