Living Water


Over the last few days we have been reading Acts.

We’ve been reading the scriptures, sharing what we need to do in order to obey the scriptures and keeping each other accountable to see if we are doing it.

I was struck by what Jesus said in Acts chapter 1. He called His disciples to be witnesses to Him where they lived, further afield and to the ends of the earth.

How am I being a witness to Jesus?

Today I spent some hours in one of the towns in our area giving out bottles of water and sharing how Jesus offers people living water. It went well, I gave all my water away and I spoke with a lot of people (including curious shop keepers!) There are a couple of people that offered me their contact details so I will follow them up and see if they’d like to know more about Jesus…

After seeing hate and violence on the streets of the UK this week it was great to be able share the good news of the Kingdom of God with people on the streets….

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