Living Stones….


Last night we met with others who have started churches in their homes here in the South West. We had a bring and share meal and talked about how things have been going for us all over the summer.

Then we discussed Matthew 28:18-20 and asked ourselves 4 questions:

1) What is God’s agenda for the South West?

2) What do I need to do in order to play my part in it?

3) What am I going to do before our next monthly gathering

4) How can we help each other to do the things God is asking us to do

I had prepared some bricks (see photo) with the scripture reference on them. I invited people to take a brick if they wanted to be involved (as living stones!) in building a culture of discipleship – baptising people and teaching people to obey Jesus.

As we prayed for each other we were reminded that what we do, what we call it and what it looks like is not the important thing. The important thing is that we listen to God and obey Him.

It’s encouraging to see a growing number of groups in the South West where people are learning to listen to Jesus, obey Him and share the great news of God’s Kingdom with others…

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