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What’s the real issue?

We recently received a letter from some friends overseas. They asked us the question which we have wrestled with and indeed continue to wrestle with. Here is an excerpt from the letter I wrote back to them… “You asked the question about how ‘responsive people are in the UK to the Gospel?’ ┬áNow there’s a […]

“It’s not working…”

Had a great day in Bristol on Saturday looking at the question “have we made church too complicated?” Most there were Baptists although there was a mix of people from leaders of “traditional” congregations to those pushing out on the fringes. Stuart Murray Williams set the scene for the day and then I’d been asked […]


So this afternoon we baptised someone in a river. We just asked him if he wanted to repent (turn away) from his sins and be baptised (go under the water and come back up again) He wanted to – so we explained about Jesus and salvation and then baptised him. We will go and see […]