Movementum in Britain   We had a great weekend in Nottingham at the Newforms National Gathering. You can watch a video about it here. It was great to hear Peter (Farmer) sharing, to hear Neil Cole’s thoughts on Missional teams and movements and to meet like minded people from the UK and beyond. Movementum […]

Katherine Von Bora

I just started reading through a book about influential followers of Jesus. I wanted to learn from their stories… The first chapter was about Katherine Von Bora (1499-1552) She was Martin Luther’s wife. It’s a good reminder about the partnership of marriage and how each person has a part to play in the ‘family mission’. […]

3 Simple Things

This week the same idea has come up during a number of conversations. We’re all busy. Getting more busy isn’t the answer! But getting smarter is. A simple thing I am doing this week is writing down an action plan. 3 Columns In column one write the project or idea In column two write down […]

A Vision to see Belgium Discipled……

On Wednesday me and a friend are going to Belgium for a few days……. We read in scripture that God’s desire is to see His glory covering the whole earth and to see disciples made in all the people’s and tribes of the world….As nice as Belgium is – we are not going to look […]