The honeymoon is over

Honeymoon = a traditional holiday taken by newlyweds The Church’s spiritual holiday is over folks. Let’s stop smooching amongst ourselves and get on with the work of taking the land for the Kingdom of God. Time is short. People are perishing. Soldiers of Christ Arise. We must go through many hardships to enter the Kingdom […]


So I’ve been on the road a bit over the last few weeks: Romania Had a great time connecting with leaders and missionaries in Bucharest and sharing about the work of Newforms Resources. Looking forward to heading back over for a Newforms Level 1 Training in the next few months.   Nottingham We headed up […]

I met a pagan today…

So today me and a friend met a guy in Glastonbury. He lives in a van and ‘roams’ the area (his words) Here’s how he described his story… He was a fully practising pagan. His mother (a nominal church-goer) told him about Jesus a couple of years ago. He began to realise that the magic […]


  Movementum in Britain   We had a great weekend in Nottingham at the Newforms National Gathering. You can watch a video about it here. It was great to hear Peter (Farmer) sharing, to hear Neil Cole’s thoughts on Missional teams and movements and to meet like minded people from the UK and beyond. Movementum […]

Katherine Von Bora

I just started reading through a book about influential followers of Jesus. I wanted to learn from their stories… The first chapter was about Katherine Von Bora (1499-1552) She was Martin Luther’s wife. It’s a good reminder about the partnership of marriage and how each person has a part to play in the ‘family mission’. […]