What’s the real issue?

We recently received a letter from some friends overseas. They asked us the question which we have wrestled with and indeed continue to wrestle with. Here is an excerpt from the letter I wrote back to them… “You asked the question about how ‘responsive people are in the UK to the Gospel?’  Now there’s a […]

“It’s not working…”

Had a great day in Bristol on Saturday looking at the question “have we made church too complicated?” Most there were Baptists although there was a mix of people from leaders of “traditional” congregations to those pushing out on the fringes. Stuart Murray Williams set the scene for the day and then I’d been asked […]


So this afternoon we baptised someone in a river. We just asked him if he wanted to repent (turn away) from his sins and be baptised (go under the water and come back up again) He wanted to – so we explained about Jesus and salvation and then baptised him. We will go and see […]

The honeymoon is over

Honeymoon = a traditional holiday taken by newlyweds The Church’s spiritual holiday is over folks. Let’s stop smooching amongst ourselves and get on with the work of taking the land for the Kingdom of God. Time is short. People are perishing. Soldiers of Christ Arise. We must go through many hardships to enter the Kingdom […]