New book coming soon!

Our new book is coming out soon! It will be available to buy online. We are at one of those points in history where God is calling courageous and fearless people to set themselves apart and to radically redefine what it means to make disciples. There have been times throughout history where servants of Jesus […]

Devoted to the Apostles teaching

In Acts 2:42 it says that the believers were devoted to the apostle’s teaching. We’ve been looking at what this means and what we need to do about it. We recently visited East Coker Chapel to share on what it means to be devoted to the apostle’s teaching. You can click here to listen to […]

On the road in Wales

Some of the MissionSomerset team went on the road to South Wales recently to encourage and train Churches and workers there. We were staying in Port Talbot which is the most polluted town in the UK and which has the highest rate of drug related deaths in the UK. There is no better place to […]

Devoted to fellowship

We’ve continued to strengthen the believers and Churches we’re working with by looking at what it means to be devoted to fellowship. Here is an audio recording from when we looked at the theme of fellowship at East Coker Chapel recently. Click here to listen… We’ve been reading the book of Philippians asking ourselves what […]

Devoted to prayer

Here in Somerset our work is to preach the Gospel, make many disciples, Strengthen the believers and Churches and appoint leaders. This is the same work that many did in the New Testament (Acts 14) and many other faithful men and women have done throughout history. You can read more about the work we are […]