New book out NOW!

Our new book – “Accidental Apostle” – is out now. You can buy it here – We are at one of those points in history where God is calling courageous and fearless people to set themselves apart and to radically redefine what it means to make disciples. There have been times throughout history where […]

Being part of a family on mission

Hi, my name is Grace and I’m part of the Taylor family. My dad asked me to share my perspective of being a family on Mission. At the moment, everyone in the UK are cooped up in their houses due to the Coronavirus. This means no social gatherings such as church, as people don’t want […]

The curtain is falling in the UK

On Sunday 15th March 2020 I spoke at East Coker Chapel here in Somerset. You can listen to the 30 minute audio recording here What God wants to do in our times is “quite unlike” anything we know as ‘church’ or ‘mission’ I believe God is saying that the “curtain is going to fall” just […]

Jesus isn’t a Christian…

Today I spent some time talking to a friend in the UK who has recently returned from a trip to India. During her trip she saw many ordinary Indian disciples of Jesus actually obeying Jesus and spreading the Gospel from village to village. In each village, the teams would preach the Gospel, distribute medical care […]