Join the Pitchfork rebellion…

The South West of England is traditionally known for its agriculture and rural lifestyle 

In 1685 however some people in the South West took their agricultural tools and turned them into weapons of war. 

Described as the “Pitchfork Rebellion” (read about it here) non-conformists, skilled manual workers and farm workers took their tools and fashioned them into weapons. They fought the Royalist soldiers and were ultimately defeated at the Battle of Sedgemoor (read about it here)

We are calling for another pitchfork rebellion here in the South West. It’s not a physical battle but a Spiritual battle. We’re calling people from the South West to fashion their farming tools into weapons of war. Our friends in Nottingham received a message from God in the book of Joel (read about it here) We are in a time of war here in the UK and we as the army of God need to re-calibrate our plans and re-shape our efforts accordingly.

It’s not a time to settle and say “peace” to each other in our churches. It’s a time to wage war and to stand up and be counted.

Do you live in the South West of England?

Do you recognize that we are in a time of Spiritual war?

Do you want to join the “Pitchfork rebellion” and see the Kingdom of God transforming the area where we live? (Read more here)

Are you prepared to fashion your tools into weapons of war and to lay down your life for the sake of Jesus?

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