Jesus and a Samaritan Woman

Many people are noticing that our ecclesiology (Church) is not reflecting our Christology (Jesus Christ) But then ask most of the 95% of people in the UK who do not “go to Church” and they could tell you that. It is a bit worrying isn’t it if the “body of Christ” is not moving and living like Jesus did.

Some people talk about our Christology (everything about Jesus) informing and moulding our Missiology (The purpose of God and His people) which in turn moulds our ecclesiology (nature and function of Church) I like this because it means that it starts with Jesus. We look at Him and what He said and then build everything we do personally and together on that.

I was reading John chapter 4 today and was struck with these things about Jesus and what He did:

  1. He met a sinner and somebody considered unclean by the religious people
  2. He said that you could worship God anywhere rather than in a temple or certain holy place
  3. He told his disciples to go and do what he had been doing because there was a whole harvest of people waiting

So if we base what we “should” be doing on who Jesus was and what He did then maybe we should be asking ourselves and our Christ-centred communities these questions:

  1. How are we loving, getting to know and sharing our lives with people who do not know Jesus?
  2. How are we spreading the worship of Jesus into every area of the communities around us and everywhere we find ourself?
  3. How are we helping and cheering on others to do the same so that loads more people can worship God as well?


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Steve Hill November 18, 2010 at 3:47 pm

Tradition dictates that our ecclesiology (how we do church) must dictate our missiology (how we relate to our world, do mission) which then dictates our Christology (what people learn of Jesus through our missiology and ecclesiology.

The Kingdom of God starts with Christology (knowing Jesus), which dictates our Missiology which dictates our Ecclesiology. Thus Missiology and Ecclesiology will be different in each and every cultural setting.


Ben and Catherine Taylor November 18, 2010 at 3:53 pm

Great comment Steve…Paul laid the foundation of Christ Crucified amongst the Corinthian believers and then others built on that foundation. If we lay Christ himself (as opposed to knowledge about Him or traditions) as the foundation then everything else can grow out of that……..hopefully!


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