“It’s not working…”

Had a great day in Bristol on Saturday looking at the question “have we made church too complicated?” Most there were Baptists although there was a mix of people from leaders of “traditional” congregations to those pushing out on the fringes. Stuart Murray Williams set the scene for the day and then I’d been asked to share some stories about Simple Churches in the UK/Ireland.

99% of the people there believed that Church is “not working”

During my session I tried to provoke people into thinking what would need to happen for people to describe things as ‘working’. I explained how Simple Church as a model or idea doesn’t work! Check out the Mission Britain Report into these forms of Churches here. And, as usual, the focus soon became about the questions that everyone seems to be asking:

  1. What is a disciple of Jesus?
  2. How did Jesus make disciples?
  3. How are we making disciples?
God is stirring people up across the different streams of “the church” and it is exciting. Many are looking at how Church can be simpler and more effective. If you are interested in practical training that gives solutions to the questions above then check out www.newformsresources.com.
However in many circles much of the discussion is still very much ‘church based’ as opposed to mission focused and discipleship driven.