“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..” (Jesus Christ)

A lot of people ask us what we are doing and why we are doing it. Here is the short answer……

When Jesus left His disciples He told them to “Go and make more disciples” (Matthew 28:19) For 3 years Jesus shared His life with a small group of men and modelled in every way what it meant to walk in the Spirit (Or walk with Father God) During these 3 years Jesus encouraged this ordinary group of men to “Go” out and to advance His Kingdom. They were not “trained or educated” men ( Acts 4:13) but men who had learnt what it meant to “listen” to Jesus and to “Do” what He said. When Jesus left them after only 3 years He sent them out to accomplish His Father’s unfinished business – making disciples of the nations.

Today in 2010 the Father’s business is still very much unfinished. Yes there is much encouragement around the world where the Spirit is at work to bring salvation and discipleship. But the challenge of Jesus still remains , “The harvest is truly plentiful, but the laborers are few.” (Matthew 9:37) Surely this is the burden and goal that we must work together to see realised – the harvest reached and gathered in and the nations discipled. We work with other brothers and sisters around the world who are also working towards seeing their parts of the world not only reached with the Gospel but also discipled. And we are doing the work of Jesus here in the UK. We are planting the Gospel into people’s lives in order to see simple churches growing in our area.


We come back to Jesus’ command, “Go and make disciples”. “Going” and “making” was what it was about for the first Christians. The “church”, the Ekklesia (or whatever you want to call all the people who followed Jesus and were obedient to the faith) spent their lives being a disciple and making disciples.

If we are to be disciples of Jesus today and if we are to see others discipled then we need something that is simple and has the capacity to grow and spread. We all know that in the New Testament there is little or no reference to Church buildings, finance-sucking programmes and programmed out church-members. The shape of church that most of us have grown up with will not make disciples of all nations. Indeed many Christians are wondering how they even fit into the churches they have always been involved in let alone inviting others to become a part of them…..

So we are embracing a fresh challenge. To “Go” and plant the Gospel into people groups, cultures and communities and to “make” disciples of the people who begin to follow Jesus. What we are doing must be simple and able to multiply. It must be “church for the untrained and ordinary” like it was in Acts. It is sharing the Gospel with people and helping them to be obedient to Jesus for themselves in every area of their lives………

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Pam Holmes January 6, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Please keep praying for the “Angel” project in Langport, for planning permission especially, then we will have a place for people to come and experience God’s love for them. Many thanks, and every Blessing.


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