An afternoon in Glastonbury…

This afternoon me and Toby went to Glastonbury. We went there to share Jesus with people. As we thought about what that might mean, how rubbish we feel at doing it and how we could do it we felt God speaking to us…

I carry lots of gold coins with me (see this post) and as we sat in a cafe I placed 5 coins on the table and we asked God to show us 5 stories to share with people. After talking and listening to God we agreed on 5 things that God wanted us to do:

  1. Share a specific prophetic word with someone about the changing of seasons in their life
  2. Pray for Jesus to heal a man who had a crooked leg and couldn’t walk properly
  3. Share a prophetic story with a man who had no peace in his life
  4. Pray for God to heal a woman with hearing problems/deafness
  5. Share the story of the lost coin (from Luke 15) with someone

We went out into the town feeling excited and scared all at the same time!

Straight away I sat down next to a man who I felt I needed to share a story with. His name was Brian. I shared the story about a man who felt that life had robbed everything from him and how every time the man reached to find peace it was always beyond his grasp like a bird which always flew away. I shared about how at the end of the story someone came to the man and offered Him a peace that would stay with him. I asked Brian about this story and asked him who he thought the man was. He immedietely said that the man was Jesus. I asked Him about what Jesus said to people but Brian didn’t know anything that Jesus had said. I asked Brian if he had peace in his life and he replied that he had no worries in life at all. As we talked more though Brian shared that he has not slept well for many years and that he has a chronic wrist problem. I felt that maybe Brian needed to know the peace that only Jesus can bring so I offered to pray with Brian and gave him a gold coin. We prayed together that Jesus would become more involved with Brian’s life story and that Jesus would come to him, help him sleep well and also heal his wrist. We will see him again!

While I was doing this Toby went to talk to some other guys who were hanging around in the church yard. Toby shared the word about the changing of seasons with one man who said that it was spot on for his life.

We then walked through the town and prayed for the people of Glastonbury. As it was a nice day we walked up the tor. We gave a coin to some people who were sitting looking at the view. I shared that the God who had created the beautiful landscape had also created them and that their lives were valuable to him.

We then walked back through town looking for the people God had shown us to talk to. We didn’t find a woman with hearing problems and we didn’t talk to anyone really about the parable of the lost coin.

But as we were walking back to the car we saw a man walking towards us with a crooked leg and a severe limp! We stopped him on the street and I shared that we had come to Glastonbury to share stories with people and to pray for people. We prayed with the man (Geoff) that the power of Jesus would straighten his leg and that he would be able to walk and run.

Then we went home full of joy that God speaks to people and that He is making Himself known to people here in Somerset!



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