Eating with Jesus…

On Wednesday night we gathered to share a meal, share how we all were going and of course to meet with Jesus!

We read in Mark 2 about when Jesus visited the home of Matthew the tax collector. There Jesus shared a meal with “tax collectors and sinners”. The Pharisees and religious leaders didn’t like this at all. We thought about why people who seemed to be ticking all the right religious boxes might be offended by Jesus. The Religious leaders asked Jesus’ disciples why He was eating with this “scum” (As one version of the Bible records)

We thought about the kind of people that Jesus shared with and who he ate with. We thought about the Religious leaders who were so concerned with rules and regulations that they missed the son of God standing right in front of Him. We talked about who Jesus would be spending His time with if He lived in our town and area.

Then we read Revelation 3:20 and heard Jesus invitation to eat with Him. All we need to do his hear his voice and respond by opening the door of our hearts to Him and obeying Him. Jesus promises to come in and eat with us. He could have promised to give us a free place at His next Conference or motivational seminar. He could have promised us many other things. But He promised us a shared meal at the same table with Him.

Isn’t it amazing to think that the Lord of heaven and earth welcomes us to His table to share with Him?

We had put lots of fruit and cakes on a table as a picture of the table that Jesus has welcomed us to. Everyone took two items of food. One to remind them that Jesus has invited them to His table. But also another item to give to someone else who doesn’t know that Jesus has invited them to His table.

The next day I gave an apple to two men who didn’t know that Jesus is inviting them to His table. Now we are going to read the Bible together and sit at Jesus’ table together!

Take your place at Jesus’ table and share Jesus’ wonderful invite with others…

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