Devoted to prayer

Here in Somerset our work is to preach the Gospel, make many disciples, Strengthen the believers and Churches and appoint leaders. This is the same work that many did in the New Testament (Acts 14) and many other faithful men and women have done throughout history. You can read more about the work we are doing here

As a team we have different strengths and giftings. There are some who feel compelled to preach the Gospel from town to town. Others are concerned about how we are developing and caring for those we are discipling. And personally – I am in constant prayer about how we appoint leaders from these new disciples and Churches. We are a body of people with different parts to play but with a common vision and work to see Somerset transformed and Jesus known amongst all the people of Somerset

As we have prayed into the area of strengthening the believers (Acts 14:22) and Churches God has led us to look at how the Church in Acts was devoted to 4 things – Prayer, fellowship, breaking of bread/sharing meals and Apostolic teaching (Acts 2:42)

This month we have been teaching and training on what it could look like to be ‘devoted to prayer’. Click here to hear some thoughts on what it looks like to be devoted to prayer

Take a few minutes to read Mark 4:35-41…

Jesus is our example of someone who was devoted to prayer. Yet in this story he was asleep! We often think that being devoted to prayer is saying lots of things to God, bringing all our needs to Him and knowing what to say. We see from Jesus though that being devoted to prayer is far deeper than what we say or do in any given moment. In this story the Disciples genuinely feared for their lives – and they did what any ‘good’ follower of Jesus would do – they prayed to Jesus! They were in a difficult situation and they cried out to Jesus for help. What’s wrong with that?

Jesus wakes up, rebukes the wind and waves and then rebukes the Disciples for their lack of faith.

You see Jesus was devoted to prayer and this enabled him to ‘see’ what the Father was wanting to do. He then faithfully acted on that. The Father had showed Jesus that they were to cross to the other side of the lake. It didn’t matter to Jesus’ faith that the storms were whipping up around them – He knew the Father would get them to the other side. Maybe it was even a test for the Disciples to see where their faith was really at. Either way – Jesus rebukes the Disciples for their lack of faith. The disciples were not really devoted to prayer – they were just crying out to Jesus through fear and panic.

So devotion to prayer is living a lifestyle where you draw near to the Father all the time and see and know what He is wanting to say and do. It’s knowing when to sleep and when to rise and when to talk and when not to. It’s living according to a heavenly vision instead of walking according to the needs and pressures of people and situations around you.

If you’d like to find out more about the work we are doing, to get involved or to see how you can support us as a family then please contact us

Here are some photos from the work this month:

Training Disciples to obey Jesus – gathering the team in Street
Families together on Mission – the foundation of the work!
Commissioned to the work of Church planting – laying hands on the team
Strengthening the Church – training a Church to be devoted to prayer