Can you help Mission Somerset?

A few years ago we invited a friend over from the US to speak at one of the national church planting conferences we were hosting. At that time he was actively involved with church planting movements around the world and he shared some amazing stories about how God was at work through ordinary disciples of […]

Jesus isn’t a Christian…

Today I spent some time talking to a friend in the UK who has recently returned from a trip to India. During her trip she saw many ordinary Indian disciples of Jesus actually obeying Jesus and spreading the Gospel from village to village. In each village, the teams would preach the Gospel, distribute medical care […]

Who’s work are you doing?

This week I have been reflecting on how effectively we as Christians, churches and organisations build our lives and activity around the things that Jesus has commanded us to do. It seems fairly clear to me that the ‘core’ work that Jesus has called us (His church) to is to make disciples of all the […]