Remember these things (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 of our series. In Part 1 we remembered what the work of Jesus actually is. In Part 2 we remembered that the work starts when you baptise the first new disciples of Jesus. Part 3 – Presume all your “Christian” team will leave I speak to lots of Christians who have […]

Remember these 3 things (Part 2)

In this series we’re looking at 3 things to remember when we are serving Jesus and making disciples for Him. (You can read Part 1 here if you missed it) Part 2 – The work really starts when you baptise your first new disciple of Jesus In Part 1 we looked at what the work […]

Remember these 3 things (Part 1)

This week I received an encouraging email from some friends who are seeking to multiply a movement of disciples where they live. I’d not heard from them for a while and it was good to hear how things are going for them. They are gathering people who want to find out more about Jesus and […]

What time is it?

I have been thinking lately about how we know what time it is. Lots of Christians I know talk about “God’s timing” and about “waiting on His timing.” Whilst I appreciate the desire to walk according to God’s plan and leading I also think that christianisms such as these are sometimes simply excuses for non-obedience […]