Not everyone thought these feet were beautiful…

Someone in the Bible once said that the feet of those who bring ‘good news’ are beautiful…well not everyone agrees! Today me and a co-worker went out to search for people who wanted to know more about Jesus. As we continue on the journey of discipleship and learning from Jesus we’re seeing that most ‘Christians’ […]


Here’s the bottom line – if you are prepared to endure the hardships, trials and sufferings of living a life of mission every day then come and join the Mission South West Team.


So this afternoon we baptised someone in a river. We just asked him if he wanted to repent (turn away) from his sins and be baptised (go under the water and come back up again) He wanted to – so we explained about Jesus and salvation and then baptised him. We will go and see […]


So I’ve been on the road a bit over the last few weeks: Romania Had a great time connecting with leaders and missionaries in Bucharest and sharing about the work of Newforms Resources. Looking forward to heading back over for a Newforms Level 1 Training in the next few months.   Nottingham We headed up […]

I met a pagan today…

So today me and a friend met a guy in Glastonbury. He lives in a van and ‘roams’ the area (his words) Here’s how he described his story… He was a fully practising pagan. His mother (a nominal church-goer) told him about Jesus a couple of years ago. He began to realise that the magic […]