I just spent a couple of days with some friends and co-workers in Cambridgeshire.

I had a great afternoon with Chris Jefferies who lives in a town called St Neots. We went for a walk and went to the cafe/bookshop that Chris and His wife are involved in (Cornerstone) Chris is exploring what it means to walk with Jesus and to do this with others in simple ways. We met Jim in the cafe. Jim and Chris meet together along with others to share how they are, listen to what God is saying to them and help each other to put these things into practice. We also talked about the idea of Simple Church being the result of people hearing and responding to God together rather than the latest model or technique of how to “do Church”.

Then I went to see my good friend Chris Duffett and His family. Chris heads up The Light Project, is heavily involved with the leadership of The Baptist Union and equips/trains Christians and Churches all around the UK and beyond to share the good news of Jesus with those around them. Chris is a man who loves Jesus passionately. We had a great time together making some plans and talking about how we can share the good news of Jesus with people in the UK and also how we can help encourage and train others to share this good news with others.

Some of our friends from France were also staying with Chris and his family. Phillipe and Veronique Gatti live in France and have given their lives to sharing the good news of Jesus with people. They regularly visit an area of France and travel from village to village – meeting people, receiving hospitality from people and sharing the good news about the Kingdom of God. They also trek through the Himilayas and other mountain regions – living out what Jesus told His Disciples to do in Matthew 10. They take no extra provisions for the journey and look for hospitality from residents of the towns and villages they enter. They have some amazing stories! We talked a lot about how Jesus and the disciples went to towns and villages and preached the Gospel. Often they then stayed in that “house of peace” for a period of 2 days to a few months. We discussed about how we could plant the Gospel into a community or household and then leave the work to grow in our absence. We also prayed boldly for workers to be sent out into the French harvest fields…

As we shared and prayed together over the couple of days we sensed God speaking to us and encouraging us to look at the world through the eyes of Jesus – The Lord of the harvest. We spent time looking in the scriptures about what Jesus told His followers to do and we looked at what these followers did together. We read John chapter 4 and asked God to show us how to work in His abundant harvest fields.

“The Harvest is truly plentiful” (Jesus Christ)

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duffett November 11, 2010 at 5:16 pm

Great summary of your time here… The Gatti’s just blow me away. So simple in theor going to people, so bold. Humbling.


Ben and Catherine Taylor November 11, 2010 at 5:23 pm

I totally agree with you. They truly go with nothing but faith! Speak to you soon.


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