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Missional Communities in Australia

I caught up with Martin Bragger who’s based in New South Wales in Australia. Martin shares some his story away from “church as we know it” to starting “missional communities” through the Unbounded Church network. He’s also recently written a book called “Quantum Mission” which is available to purchase online

Finding Jesus in prison

Paul King shares about how he found Jesus in prison and then began to dedicate his life to serving Him. To find out more about Paul and the work they are doing in Middlesbrough click here

Are you a Movement Maker?

The Movements Workbook is a practical guide for anyone seeking to multiply disciples, churches and leaders across their town, region, city or people group. For over 10 years we have asked ourselves and others the question – “What has been fruitful?” and this workbook has come out of our experiences on the road to multiplication […]

Mission Middle East

Some of our friends from Mission Somerset have been sent by the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel and make disciples of Jesus in Iraq. We recently recorded a podcast with them where they shared stories from their adventure with Jesus. Click here to listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of the podcast. You […]