Acorns and Oak Trees

When we started on the journey of intentional disciple making and church planting God spoke to us about Acorns and Oak Trees.

A brother phoned me up and told me that God had given Him a picture for us. In this picture we were stood in front of a huge field with a small acorn in our hand. Our friend encouraged us to plant the acorn not to worry about the size of the field. He encouraged us that within the Acorn (Which represented the vision and heart that God had given us) there was all the DNA necessary to produce an Oak Tree which produces more acorns (and so on and so on) You can read more about the DNA of what we are doing here in “The Acorn Vision”

Here’s a video by Paul Watson. Paul is involved with Gospel Planting, disciple making movements around the world. It’s really worth a watch and I hope that you are encouraged by it like we were. It reminded us about some things that God has said to us…

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