A few of our favourite things…


Here’s some links to some of the things we enjoy reading about:

Appleseed Ministry

Roger and Brooks Thoman are involved with some great work in Africa. If,like us, you’re tired of the old way of doing “mission work” where western ideals and models are simply transplanted into other cultures then it’s definitely worth following the stories that are coming out of their work. You can also follow them on facebook here

Mission Britain

OK so we had to mention this! There’s some encouraging stories emerging around the UK and Ireland. We’re joining with others from across the UK and Ireland this weekend in Nottingham for the Newforms National Gathering. Neil Cole will be sharing on movements and multiplying missional teams. Looking forward to a great weekend


If like me you pretend to be interested in technology, communication and enterprise then www.inc.com offers some good inspiration and ideas

And these are just a few of our favourite things…

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