7 Signs of John (2) – Jesus heals a boy

This is an example of what happens when we do the second sign of John with people – this is actually what happened when we did it as a family with our children and it is a great way to disciple our own children which is after all where it all starts! (The answers given are just examples as there is no right/wrong answer)

1. We all read John 4:46-54

2. We asked ourselves what this passage shows us about people?

People have problems. The Official had a problem and he needed help. People look for signs and miracles before they believe. The official believed what Jesus said and acted on it. The official believed along with his whole household.

3. We asked ourselves what this passage shows us about Jesus?

Jesus appears reluctant to perform a miracle. Jesus had power over sickness without even going to the boy. Jesus performed a sign and the result was that people believed in him.

4. We asked ourselves what this passage says about us?

Do we have a desperate need like the official did?  Are we coming to Jesus for help? Do we take Jesus at His word like the official did? Do we believe in Jesus. Who is our household and do they believe in Jesus?

5. We asked ourselves who else needs to know about this?

We prayed for people we know who are sick and families we know in our area who have sick children. And we prayed for opportunities to lay hands on them and ask Jesus to heal them.

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