7 Signs of John (1) – The Wedding at Cana

This is an example of what happens when we do the first sign of John with people – this is actually what happened when we did it as a family with our children and it is a great way to disciple our own children which is after all where it all starts! (The answers given are just examples as there is no right/wrong answer)

1. We all read John 2:1-12

2. We asked ourselves what this passage shows us about people?

People were getting married and having a party. The people had a problem. The people listened to Jesus and did what He said. The people saw Jesus sorting out their problem miraculously. Some people believed in Him.

3. We asked ourselves what this passage shows us about Jesus?

Jesus was at a wedding party with people and not in a “Church”. Jesus was reluctant to solve the problem at first. Jesus spoke to some people and told them what to do. Jesus revealed His glory to people and some believed in Him. Jesus helped the people with their problem. Jesus did a miracle.

4. We asked ourselves what this passage says about us?

Jesus wants to help us with our problems. If we listen to him and do what He says then He will do something amazing. We need to listen to Him and not other things. We need to do what He says. Bring our problems and challenges to Jesus and ask His help.

5. We asked ourselves who else needs to know about this?

Friends from school. Friends in our town. Family members etc etc! Friends who are ill.

(Within 10 minutes we’d already been able to share with some friends in the area that we would be praying for their sick child)

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