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This year’s #NewformsGathering is quickly approaching and we wanted to share a *health warning* about the weekend…It’s going to be powerful and life changing

Here’s  5 reasons why you SHOULDN’T join us from 27th-29th Nov:

  • If you don’t want to see the communities and people around you transformed – then you’ll probably find the #NewformsGathering slightly boring and irrelevant. The weekend is not just another “Christian Conference” – but rather an opportunity to spur each other on in the work of spreading the Kingdom that God has called us all to. We’re ‘Gathering’ for action, encouragement and empowerment – not to gorge on yet more theory which has no real affect on pushing back the Kingdom of darkness


  • If you already know everything then don’t come to the #NewformsGathering. You’ll be disappointed by all the experienced practitioners who have realised they don’t know everything and realise the value of working together and learning from each other. In fact – if you’re looking for magic formulas and 10 step success programmes then you’ll also be very disappointed this year. All we have to offer this year is a wide range of leading missional thinkers and practitioners who have more questions than answers. Also – if you think your particular perspective is right and everyone else is wrong then you’ll probably find the strong sense of unity and diversity at this year’s Gathering rather frustrating…


  • If you want to use the weekend to talk/grumble/pray/prophesy/preach about the problems with your Church, your Vicar or Pastor or how nobody else seems to ‘get’ the vision then you’ll be sadly disappointed by the #NewformsGathering. Whilst there will be times to share frustrations and challenges with other like minded brothers and sisters – this Gathering is more about creating solutions together and learning how others are overcoming and turning challenges into opportunities


  • If you like the ‘status quo’ and are comfortable going through the motions then it’s probably worth staying at home rather than come to the #NewformsGathering. At this year’s Gathering there will just be loads of people who are REALLY passionate about thinking outside the box and are re-imagining Church, Mission and Business/Enterprise in the 21st century…


  • The #NewformsGathering is an opportunity to meet with folk from across the world who are working to create a ‘whole new world’ where the Kingdom of Heaven is invading earth. Frankly – if you’re looking to further your own little world then there won’t be much to help you at this year’s Gathering…If however you’re wanting to build God’s Kingdom in our generation then there will be a wealth of valuable resources and connnecting-opportunities for you


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