Jesus : the word of God

“And the word became flesh and dwelt among us…”

(John 1:14)

Over the last couple of days I have been spending time with a group of friends. We met to pray for each other, seek Father God together and help each other in what we feel called to do. As we spent time together we were reminded about the Father’s desire to see people becoming his children in every culture, people group and nation in the world. Jesus clearly left His Disciples with this goal in Matthew 28:19 and we were reminded of Paul’s words in Colossians 1:28-29 where He tells his friends that the goal he is working towards is to present “every man” perfect in Christ Jesus. Not just the man down the road or the man in a tribe in Africa. But every man in every place.

We prayerfully sought God about how we could work towards this goal and I shared some things that were on my heart about Jesus being the word of God. Lately we have been thinking about what that means? The word “word” means “the smallest single meaningful unit of speech or writing”. So God has made Himself known to the world through Jesus. Everything about Father God – what He’s like and what He thinks is important – has been fully declared to us in His word – Jesus. A word is a simple thing. It is not complicated or hard to understand. We were reminded that the word of God is a simple thing which requires a simple response. When we look at Jesus we see the Father –  as He Himself said in John 14:9.

So our lives need to revolve around Jesus. Hearing what He is saying through the Bible and through His Spirit. And doing it.

This is what being a Disciple of Jesus is. We all know it. But we so easily lose this in amongst the programmes and activities of our Churches and the tendency we have to make things complicated! So working backwards from seeing the word of God being rooted in people’s lives in every place in the world – we first need to practice it in our own lives. Simple obedience and discipleship worked out through simple churches and gatherings where people really have the time and relationships to let the word of God take root and dwell richly in their heart and where the focus is on doing what the Word says and not just hearing it.

Lately when reading the book of Acts I have been struck by the number of times I have seen statements like this, “And the word of God spread” (Acts 6:7, Acts 12:24 etc) If the nations are to be discipled then the word of God needs to spread and multiply in people’s lives. Will this just magically happen? It is easy to think in places around the world where the number of disciples are multiplying that it is just a sovereign move of God’s Spirit. But in every place and at every stage of history where this has happened God has always called people to labor in prayer and to pray with focus and strategy. Out of this – people have lived out Matthew 28:19 and made disciples.

A good friend called Chris Duffett calls Christians to take up this challenge in His book “Smack Heads and Fat Cats”. In His book Chris calls Christians to a lifestyle of making Jesus known. He shares His vision to see the multiplication of Christians until the nation and nations are reached. The vision Chris has is the vision of Father God and the command that Jesus left with His disciples in scripture.


Will you respond to the challenge of simply obeying the commands of Jesus and helping others to simply obey as well? Will you join the Father in His mission to see people becoming His children in every nation?

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george January 16, 2010 at 3:25 pm

Hey Ben! Good to see you on here…

I would also add that the person and message of jesus sometimes not only gets lost in our churchs, but also in our language. the we sometimes use or don’t use. or he is found in the bible and not anywhere else, or vice versa. the message of jesus was always bigger than jesus. this is why you never hear jesus saying “the kingdom of jesus”..i wonder if our mission is to the do the same..point it back to god like jesus did. if we are spending are energy pointing it all back to jesus who said it wasn’t about him, we un-essentially create another middle man. not that jesus isn’t important but that he came to show us who we could be in god and even invites us to be just like him, which is what the jewish idea of following a rabbi entailed. love talking about this stuff. we should all catch up!!


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