2 Days in Somerset…

We are joining in with a week of 24/7 prayer for Somerton. The Churches together in Somerton are running a 24/7 prayer room in the centre of the town.

It has been good to join with brothers and sisters in the body of Christ to pray and ask God for His Kingdom to come in our town/area.

We have all been reminded that We the Church have been called to be the light of the world. We are called to bring light to the darkness – not just enjoy the light ourselves! I spent a few hours in the prayer room last night. With the door open and bashing out amazing grace on my guitar – it was interesting to see people’s reactions. Some just walked past. Others laughed and headed on to the pub. Some came in for a chat. We had significant talks with people and made some contacts that we will follow up. It was great to have that ‘presence’ in the town centre and a ‘place’ where the Kingdom was obviously being evidenced – but wouldn’t it be even better if after this prayer week finishes that every believer in the town/area lived out this Kingdom reality wherever they are. May God “push” us all out into a missional life of taking the Kingdom to where people are and making disciples there – after all, that is what Jesus asked His followers to pray in Luke 10:2….

Then today I visited some friends in our region who gather as a small group. They meet very simply. I was encouraged to see that God had connected them with some more people since I visited last.

We shared how things were going for us all and then we all read John Chapter 6 together. We followed the pattern of Reading, Understanding, Obeying and Sharing  People shared what they felt God was speaking to them about from the passage and what they needed to do in response to this. We prayed for people around us who needed to hear about Jesus and the life He offers.

Personally I was challenged from the passage about how Jesus drew Phillip and the other disciples into what He was doing. The God who made the world could have clicked his fingers and fed the multitudes – instead he invited His Disciples to join in the action! We too have all been called to join in the mission of the Father here on earth. Amazing!

How are you joining the Father on His mission to reconcile the whole of creation back to Himself through Jesus Christ?


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