God has called us to make disciples and plant churches amongst those considered “unreached” or “far from Jesus” We are following the example of Jesus who came to call sinners to repentance – so our focus is on working directly in the harvest to plant new churches in homes, pubs and estates across Somerset and the UK. Read our book – “Accidental Apostle” – to find out more and check out www.missionsomerset.co.uk

We are working with a team in Somerset to plant churches in towns and villages across the county. To find out more and to get involved click here

We also travel across the UK training and working with Church Planting Teams

We are missionaries working to catalyse Church Planting Movements in Somerset and beyond. Can you help support us as a family as we plant Churches amongst the last, the lost and the least?

Our faith goal is to increase our annual support to £30,000 per year over the next 3 years

This year we’re looking to hit our target of £12,000 a year through:

  • 1 x £200 a month supporter
  • 4 x £100 per month supporters
  • 8 x £50 per month supporters

Can you become a monthly giver or give a one-off gift to help support us as a family? Contact us to find out more